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Trail Life ME-0316 is a a chartered troop of Trail Life USA.  We are a Christian Outdoor Adventure, Character, and Leadership Program for boys and young men.

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Yes, We Are Meeting Today

Greetings to you all,

First thing first.

We are meeting today(2/17) at Crossroads Christian Camp at the usual time.

Second things second.

Woodlands Trailmen, don’t forget your lanyards.

Woodlands Trailmen will be talking about hobbies so don’t forget examples of your favorite hobby or collections

Until this afternoon,

Walk Worthy

2-10 Meeting Cancellation

Snowy Morning, Trailmen-

Morning one and all. The white stuff (snow) falling from the sky this morning has caused us to cancel the Trail Life meeting scheduled for later today (2-10). Until next week,

Walk Worthy


Woodland Trails reminder

Woodland Trails Trailmen-

Remember to bring your lanyards to the meeting today. We have a new pin for you for the branch you just completed. Congratulations!

See you in just a little bit and until then,

Walk Worthy


Greetings, Trailpeople-

Here it is Saturday!!! So this will be a quick reminder. We are having our regular Trail Life meeting at Crossroads Christian Camp today. The meeting will start at 3:30pm (as usual) and will end at 5:30pm (as usual).

Please stay tuned for more updates coming soon to this page. Until then,

Walk Worthy

Let’s Have a Party!

Trailmen – it’s time to bust out of hibernation and Hit the Trail!

This fresh snowfall and a forecast for sunny (forty degrees!) weather this weekend means it is our chance to get our boys out of the house, and back into the habit of attending Trail Life!

Whether its been a month, or a long time since you’ve been to a meeting, we’d like to invite you to join the crew for some good old-fashion winter fun.

The Noddin family is hosting an outdoor sledding party at their home in Dedham this Saturday, 1/20/2018 starting at 1:30pm.
(You can text Doug or Steve for directions to the house.)

Bring your favorite sled(s)!  Bring your warmest snow-gear!  Bring your pet elephant! (No, wait…elephants don’t like sledding.  Better leave them home.)

We’ll have a cooking-fire going, so parents are welcome to send/bring along some hot dogs or snacks for the boys.  We’ll have cocoa enough for everyone.

See you there!


Image result for hot cocoa

Once Again

Dear Trail Parents-

Once again, we are going to cancel today’s (Jan. 13) Trail Life meeting due to the foul weather. Hopefully, we will meet at our usual time and place next week. Until then, stay off the roads (if you can), enjoy some time with your boys, and…… eat hot soup!

Walk worthy

Last Minute Cancelation

Happy January, Trailmen-

Due to the large amount of snow (18.9 inches) and the extreme wind chills (-21) and the cold (-4), your fearless leaders have decide to cancel today (Jan 6) meeting. Stay inside, stay warm, and enjoy hot cocoa!

Walk Worthy