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Trail Life ME-0316 is a a chartered troop of Trail Life USA.  We are a Christian Outdoor Adventure, Character, and Leadership Program for boys and young men.

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Do I Need That?

Greetings once again, Trailmen!

A couple of tips regarding what to pack and what to wear for our Bad Weather Hike.  This is a follow-up to the message we sent out on Wednesday.

The biggest thing we want to stress is that you DON’T need to go to the fancy Outdoor Retailer and spend a bunch of money tonight or tomorrow morning!  These are just tips to help you think about what to bring, and what to look for next time you’re browsing the clearance bin at the Walmart or Mardens. 😉

As much as possible, AVOID cotton!  In everything, from your long underwear to your hat, AVOID cotton.  When wet, cotton dries slowly.  If your clothes get soaked with sweat, your body heat is transmitted rapidly to them (in a process called conduction) and therefore you lose heat very fast. Cotton clothing is especially problematic during the rest phases of hiking trips in cold conditions as it is often soaked with sweat and therefore it leads to rapid body heat loss.

Think fleece and wool/merino wool for socks and outer layers.
Think “wicking” (i.e. Polyester, Nylon, synthetic fabrics) for your base layer
(that just means the first layer of clothes you put on, the stuff that is in contact with your skin). Hint: your Trail Life shirt is made of wicking fabric!

Here is a list of things you MAY want to bring on our Bad Weather Hike.  They are not required.  They are just ideas/suggestions:

  • put your stuff in a trash bag inside your pack to keep it dry
  • snacks and water in outside pockets (so they are easy to reach)
  • long underwear
  • an extra hat
  • an extra pair of gloves
  • hand warmers
  • more food than usual for your lunch.  Hiking is hard work.
  • a pad to sit on
  • a Thermos with something warm to drink
    (for when you get back to the car!)

Looking forward to walking worthy with you all!

P.S. If this is giving you a panic attack, please give Steve or Simon a call/text!


(Hey, check out this info-graphic we made to help you prep for the hike!)

Bad Weather Hike!

Greetings trailmen!

Our feet have been itching to go on a Hike…so let’s go!

The weather this weekend is going to be miserable, so we’ve decided to name this Hit the Trail event: the Bad Weather Hike!

That’s right, the weather is mostly likely going to be rainy or snowy. But we’re a tough group! With that in mind, check the weather Friday night and pack/dress appropriately.

Rain gear or snow gear and boots will be required. Be prepared for an equipment check!

Meeting Place: UMO New Balance Rec. Center – parking lot.

Meeting Time: 9 am

Finish Time: 1 pm

Meeting Place Directions: Follow Rt. 2 past College Ave. Take the next left (Rangeley Rd) and follow the road all the way to the end (approx 3/4 of mile). At the end, turn left and go the end (approx 1/2 mile). Park beside the New Balance Student Recreation Center.


Here are the things that you will need:

  • Bible
  • Water
  • Bag Lunch
  • Weather appropriate clothing, (boots, spare socks, extra layer)
  • A small bag / backpack to carry your supplies
  • Some form of hunter’s orange (hat/vest/jacket/etc)
  • Any other 10 Essentials you have collected!


(Parents – we’ll be in touch Saturday morning if we deem the weather too dangerous to travel/hike!)

Walk Worthy!

Regular meeting – 3/16/2019

Trailmen and families:

I’m sending you a quick note to remind everyone that we have a regular meeting tomorrow morning, at the Page Garage.

Please bring your pack, with any of the 10 essentials you have gathered.

Walk Worthy!

Meeting Info – 3/2/19

Hello Trailmen and families!

I hope you are ready for our meeting tomorrow…we’ve got a fun activity planned!

We need everyone attending to be dressed extra warm, because we will be outdoors doing some work on our survival skills! That means winter jackets and ski pants, mittens/gloves (an extra pair, even!) and a nice warm hat.

See you in the morning!

Walk worthy

Regular Meeting – 2/23/2019

Hello Trailmen and Families:

This Saturday is a “4th Saturday” when we would normally have our monthly Hit the Trail activity, but a big chunk of our troop is going to be away at a local church event.

Instead, we’ve decided to have a regular meeting (at the garage!), at our normal meeting time (9:30am).

For those of you heading off for the Winter Retreat – have a great time!
For the rest of us, I’m looking forward to seeing you all there!

Walk Worthy!

P.S. A reminder for all our young men: please remember to have your Trail Life ready pack with you, loaded up with our standard winter gear:

Trail Life Handbook
Water Bottle
Mittens/Gloves/Winter Hat
Dry Warm Socks (extra pair)
Extra Warm Shirt
(Extra Credit: Have you started to collect any of the “10 Essentials?!”)

Even if we don’t use everything in your pack – it’s good to have all that stuff, just in case you need it!

Meeting Cancellation – Calvary Chapel Men’s Conference

Good evening trailmen-

Saturday’s meeting (2-9) has been cancelled so that dads and sons can attend Calvary Chapel’s Men’s Conference.

Calvary Chapel is located at 155 River Road in Orrington.

The Conference is on Saturday and starts at 9:00a and runs until 3:00p. Suggested show up time, however, is 8:30a.

Admission to this year’s conference is free.

Bring your own stuff for the grill since lunch will not be provided.

See you there.

Walk worthy

Brr! We’re still meeting!

Hello Trailmen and families!

I know that there’s some scary weather in the forecast for this weekend, but we’re still going to meet tomorrow morning (1/19/19).

I hope to see you all there!

Walk worthy,