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Trail Life ME-0316 is a a chartered troop of Trail Life USA.  We are a Christian Outdoor Adventure, Character, and Leadership Program for boys and young men.

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Return to Bald Mountain


Here are the details for the Return to Bald Mountain hike.

First, please ensure that you have a working flashlight or headlamp along with the things that you would usually bring on a hike (see list below).  This hike is going to start in the evening and end in THE DARK.

Second,  bring a bag lunch/dinner to eat when we get to the top of Bald Mountain.  This meal may serve as a snack or as dinner-your choice. 🙂

Meeting Time:  We will meet at the Dysart’s at the intersection of Rt 46 and Rt 1A at 5 pm on Saturday, September 22nd.
We should be back at Dysart’s  around 9:30 pm.

Meeting Place:  We are going to meet at the Dysart’s at the intersection of Rt 46 and Rt 1A.    From there, we will decide how many vehicles we are going to take to trail head at Bald Mountain.

Directions to trail head:   From Dysart’s, we will take the Upper Dedham Rd. to Bald Mountain Rd.  Bald Mountain should be easy to find because it’s right off of Bald Mountain Road in Dedham. The trail head, which at first looks more like an access road, is on the left near the junction of Bald Mountain Road and Johnson Road. There is a farm on the right at this junction.  We will follow the wide “trail” or access road to the base of the mountain, ignoring a few smaller trails, and follow the wide ski trail up, following the power lines.

Here are the things that you will need:

  • Bible
  • water
  • A thermos with a hot drink (optional)
  • any weather appropriate clothing you may need
  • a blanket (if you think you may get cold)
  • a small bag / backpack to carry your supplies in

Walk worthy!


Greetings Trailmen-

This is just a reminder that we will not be meeting this Saturday (9-22) morning.  WHY? ‘Cause we are going on a hike this Saturday evening!

We are going to meet at the Dysart’s at the intersection of Rt 46 and Rt 1A at 5:00 pm.   We would like to leave for Bald Mountain by 5:15 pm.

More information about the hike will follow tomorrow or Wednesday.

Walk Worthy

Meeting Cancelation

Greetings, Trailmen-

With some many of our Trailmen (young and old) attending Calvary Chapel’s Men’s Conference, we decided that it would be best to cancel this Saturday (Sept 8) meeting.

If you are interested in attending the Men’s Conference, here are a few details.

Conference Times — 8 am till 9:30 am — registration and fellowship;
9:30 am till 4 pm — conference

Cost — free

Lunch — bring something for the grill. If you don’t have a grill, don’t worry, someone is always willing to share

Conference Location — Calvary Chapel — Rt. 15, Orrington, ME

Stay tuned for more information about September’s event.  It is going to be a hike on the 22nd.

Walk Worthy

New Button

Greetings one and all-

Hope you are enjoying your Labor Day week-end!! Hopefully not too much labor:)

I just want to draw your attention to the new button on our blog page. It is at the top right corner and is marked “Photo Gallery”. You will never guess what it contains. Photos!! That’s right, photos from our various adventures.

Make sure that you share our blog with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and anyone else who might want to follow what our Troop is doing and see photos of us doing it.

Walk Worthy


Blackwoods Camp-Out Aug. 2018

This gallery contains 22 photos.

Bits and Pieces for Blackwoods Camp Out

Evening, Trail folks-

Here is the vital info for tomorrow’s camp out at Blackwoods in Acadia National Park.  A link to the campgrounds and directions on getting there are at the bottom of this post.

When:  August 24 – August 26.  Please plan on arriving at Blackwoods around 6pm (if possible).  See notes below.

Where: Blackwoods Campground in Acadia National Park

Departure Time:  We will be returning home mid afternoon on the 26th.

Notes:  These notes are not in any specific order but are all equally important.

  • Drivers – Please make sure that you have the appropriate pass to enter Acadia National Park and Blackwoods.  If you are using  the “A Kid In Every Park” program for 4th graders, make sure you have the visited their website and completed their requirements.
  • Please leave your lawn chairs at home.  There is not going to be enough space for them this time.
  • You will not need your swim suits on this trip.
  • You will not need your fishing gear this time.
  • Make sure that you have your hiking backpack with you.  Either use it for your camping gear or bring it empty.  That is up to you.
  • Make sure that you have the gear from the hiking packing list with you.  We are going to hike in some different parts of the park.
  • No snacks are needed for the hikes this time.
  • It is getting cooler and will be cooler still at the coast.  Make sure that you pack a long pair of pants, a long sleeve shirt and hoodie, sweatshirt or a light jacket.  These clothes could be used as part of your complete change of clothes!
  • Make sure that you will be warm enough while you sleep.  Did you wake up COLD last camp out?  Make changes to your sleep gear to make sure that doesn’t happen this time!
  • BOWLS, please.  No plates are needed.


Until tomorrow, when we meet at Blackwoods, Walk Worthy


Menu for Blackwoods Camping Trip

Greetings and good evening trailmen-

Here is the menu for next week’s camp out at Blackwoods.

Friday Night: Chili Dogs and S’Mores

Saturday Morning:  Egg/Sausage Breakfast Tacos, Hash Browns

Saturday Trail Lunch:  Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches, Apples, Granola Bars

Saturday Lunch:  Mystery Meal

Saturday Dinner:  Hamburger Stew with Biscuits, Dutch Oven Cobbler

Sunday Breakfast:  Oatmeal, Donuts

Drinks:  Water, Lemon Aid, Hot Chocolate and Coffee (for the Dads)

As with our other two night camp outs, the cost will be $15 per person.  Dads, if you are able to bring the money to tomorrow’s (8-18) meeting it would be helpful.

Walk Worthy