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Calendar Updates

There will be no meeting this Thursday, May 28th.  It is the fourth Thursday of the month and is a regularly scheduled “off” Thursday.

Our next troop event is currently scheduled for June 27th.  Watch this space for updates.

Please note that there is a new link on this page.  It is to our troop calendar.





Flags and Hotdogs

Just blew in.  Ha Ha.  A joke for those in the know.  So, to let everyone in on the joke…..

May 23rd was one WINDY and chilly day for putting out the flags that marked the graves of Eddington’s veterans.  Sixteen members  of American Heritage Girls and Trail Life met at the East Eddington Community Church to get their instructions.  Promptly at 9:15, two groups of troop members and their parents set out to place flag holders and flags at the grave sites of Eddington’s veterans.

The first group was led by Susan Shane.  Mrs. Shane and her husband have faithfully set out the flags in years past and she had volunteered to help the troops make the transition to flag “puter outers”.    Mrs Shane led her group to Pine Tree Cemetery and Settlers’ Cemetery.  These  troops received a history lesson as they worked to replace and place 27 flags.  The names of the  veterans and the dates of their deaths were recorded.  The grave site locations where also checked against the Town’s Cemetery maps.

The second group of troop members and parents tackled Riverside/Blackman  Cemetery first.  This team replaced 32 flags and also made a list of the veterans’ names and dates of their deaths.  The Town Cemetery map was checked and updated.  The team removed three bags of trash and one old tire.  Next they moved  to Jonathan Eddy Cemetery, replacing 13 flags and taking care of making the veteran list.   After all that work, a break was called for.

Returning to the church, the teams warmed up and undertook the job of devouring the lunch the church had provided.  Quite a lunch– steamed hot dogs, cookies, popcorn, watermelon and juice.  The treat, ice cream sandwiches, was soon discovered and finished off.  Yours truly enjoyed all of the refreshments including four hotdogs.  Yum!!!

A smaller, and fuller,  group left to tackle Meadow Brook Cemetery.  The troops worked hard at this cemetery as well.  Thirty-one flags were placed.  The map was updated and a list was created also.

In summary,  sixteen youth representing American Heritage Girls and Trail Life (with their parents) visited five local cemeteries on one VERY GUSTY day and placed one hundred and one flag holders and flags at Eddington’s  veterans’ grave sites. They also enjoyed a great lunch.  All in only four hours.  Talk about keeping their shoulders to the wheel.

To help answer future  trivia questions, the oldest veteran’s grave that we found was that of William Cumins (Meadow Brook).  Mr. Cumins died on February 5, 1824.  There is one grave site for a sailor buried at sea and one grave site for a lady veteran.

A Special Thanks to Susan Shane for her help!!!



Memorial Day Flag Placing Event

Memorial Day is coming and the members of Maine’s first Trail Life troop, your very own troop 316, are planning to hold their first event.  With the National Day of Prayer  and two troop meetings under their belts, the Trailmen have decided to honor America’s veterans.  This Memorial Day, the young men of troop 316 along with the girls from American Heritage troop 316 will place an American flag at all of the veterans’ grave markers in each of Eddington’s five cemeteries.

This is the troop’s first event and we hope that it will become a tradition for years to come.  As with so many firsts, a lot of planning has gone into this event.  To ensure everyone knows all there is to know about the event, please review the information below:

  • Meeting place:  East Eddington Community Church parking area
  • Meeting time:  Saturday May 23rd, 8:45 am 
  • Departure time for cemeteries:  9:15 am
  • Standard dress for Trailmen:  long pants, t-shirt, closed shoes
  • Return time and place:  1:00 pm at the East Eddington Community Church
  • Lunch:  lunch will be provided.  No peanuts.
  • Dismissal:  Directly after lunch
  • RSVP: So that the ladies of EECC can plan lunch accordingly, please contact Steve or Simon to let us know how many parents, boys, and other family members you are bringing.

Trailmen (and parents), please make sure that you bring anything that you may need.  Things you may (or may not) need: a water bottle, bug spray, a hat, sunglasses, gloves,  or a light jacket (if the weather dictates).  A small bag will make carrying your supplies easier.

Please note that there WILL be a troop meeting on May 21st (the 3rd Thursday, a couple days from today) and no meeting on May 28.  Our June meetings will be June 4th, 11th, and 18th at Crossroads Christian Camp, with our “4th Saturday” event TBD.


National Day of Prayer / 1st Troop Meeting Big Success

On May 7th ten young men met with members of East Eddington Community Church, Calvary Chapel, American Heritage Girls, and members of the public.  They had all come to the Eddington Veterans’ Memorial to celebrate the National Day of Prayer.  After a greeting and opening prayer by Pastor Tracy,  prayers were led by some of the members of the group gathered by the flag pole.  Prayers for our nation, state and region figured prominently.


What made this Day of Prayer different from thousands of others held around the country on the 7th?  Trail Life troop 316 was going to hold their first meeting.  The ten young men, their parents and the troop leaders adjourned to Crossroads Christian Camp on Chemo Pond.  The camp will figure prominently in the life of the troop – offering a meeting place, areas for hikes, camp outs, and many  of the other things that young men need to grow and prosper.


The meeting was a great success! The young men were introduced to the troop leaders, each other, their meeting area, and…a huge field for running, jumping and other youthful exuberance.  While the boys were enjoying themselves on the field, the parents were getting to know Simon Butler (troop master) and  Steve Page (troop chaplain).  After addressing some procedural items, Sam led a closing prayer, and we were adjourned and dismissed with a Trailman’s  handshake.