Memorial Day Flag Placing Event

Memorial Day is coming and the members of Maine’s first Trail Life troop, your very own troop 316, are planning to hold their first event.  With the National Day of Prayer  and two troop meetings under their belts, the Trailmen have decided to honor America’s veterans.  This Memorial Day, the young men of troop 316 along with the girls from American Heritage troop 316 will place an American flag at all of the veterans’ grave markers in each of Eddington’s five cemeteries.

This is the troop’s first event and we hope that it will become a tradition for years to come.  As with so many firsts, a lot of planning has gone into this event.  To ensure everyone knows all there is to know about the event, please review the information below:

  • Meeting place:  East Eddington Community Church parking area
  • Meeting time:  Saturday May 23rd, 8:45 am 
  • Departure time for cemeteries:  9:15 am
  • Standard dress for Trailmen:  long pants, t-shirt, closed shoes
  • Return time and place:  1:00 pm at the East Eddington Community Church
  • Lunch:  lunch will be provided.  No peanuts.
  • Dismissal:  Directly after lunch
  • RSVP: So that the ladies of EECC can plan lunch accordingly, please contact Steve or Simon to let us know how many parents, boys, and other family members you are bringing.

Trailmen (and parents), please make sure that you bring anything that you may need.  Things you may (or may not) need: a water bottle, bug spray, a hat, sunglasses, gloves,  or a light jacket (if the weather dictates).  A small bag will make carrying your supplies easier.

Please note that there WILL be a troop meeting on May 21st (the 3rd Thursday, a couple days from today) and no meeting on May 28.  Our June meetings will be June 4th, 11th, and 18th at Crossroads Christian Camp, with our “4th Saturday” event TBD.



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