Time for a Hike

Greetings one and all-

The next couple of weekly meetings are going to be busy ones.  Along with finishing the requirements for various “joining” badges, we are going to take a couple of test hikes, and prepare the boys for THE HIKE.

Regardless of whether your boy is registered in Woodlands Trails (5th Grade and under) or Navigators (6th grade and older), he is going to have the opportunity to earn a “joining” badge. Although each program has a different name for this badge, the requirements are very similar.  Learning to fold the American flag is the final step we need to cover.

During the next three meetings, we are going to take a “trial” hike.  These hikes will allow us to find a hike of the appropriate length.   Also during the meetings, we are going to talk about the items that the boys will want to bring on the hike, low impact hiking methods, and a variety of other items that will help them toward their first branch or badge.  For the Woodlands Trail, that would be the Pioneer Skills branch,  and for the Navigators, the Trail Skills badge.

The Hike:

  • Where:  Central Penjajawoc Preserve
  • When:  June 27th
  • What time leaving:  2:00pm
  • Returning:  working that out.  The trial hikes will help us figure the return time out.

Our  plan is to hike the Central Penjajawoc Preserve. This is a 1.7 mile trail on Essex Street. The trail head is in the 1200 block of Essex Street.   Go north on Essex Street. Look for an iron cut out moose with the number “1211” on his side.  He will be on your right hand side.  Not kidding.  Look for him.  Just past him (also on the right) is a white house with a brown shed.  The trail head parking is IMMEDIATELY after that on the right.  I will tie flagging tape on the telephone pole at the parking area.  If you get the Burleigh Road, you have gone past it, simply turn around and come back.  What the boys should bring:

  • Bible
  • water
  • a small snack
  • any weather appropriate clothing they may need
  • a small bag / backpack to carry their supplies in

Here is the web address for the trail —  http://www.bangorlandtrust.org/central-penjajawoc-preserve.htm

In case of a trivia question, Penjajawoc is an Algonquain word for  “current falling down raggedly” .

Walk Worthy,



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