Snack Time

Trail Life parents —

Please take a moment to consider what you can send with your boy as a snack for the HIKE (6/27 @ 2pm).  No candy bars, sugary drinks, or the dreaded peanut, please.  Since the hike is going to be a short one (about a mile and a half), the snack does not have to be all that involved.  An apple, some gold fish, or a bagel are all good choices.  This snack is just something to help them out when we stop for a short rest/bible study/water break half way through.   Consider that whatever you send is going to be rolling around in his bag and may get crushed, stepped on, sat on, or rained on before he eats it.

The time for our first HIKE is quickly approaching!  Our first trial hike went very well.  We covered a mile in just under half an hour.  Not bad, when you factor in stopping to throw rocks into every body of water from a stream to a puddle.  Our second trial hike (during tonight’s meeting, 6/11) is going to be twice that.  Two miles.  Quite a distance for some of these young men.  Please  send them  to the rest of the meetings this month with:

  • Comfortable walking shoes (no flip flops!)
  • a Bible
  • water
  • a snack
  • any weather appropriate clothes
  • a small bag to carry their stuff in (ie -a book bag, small pack,etc)

Having these things with them for the next couple of weeks will allow them to get used to carrying their stuff on the HIKE.

The troop will provide the bug spray!  Since the trail is completely in the woods, the boys won’t need suntan lotion or sunglasses.

See you tonight – 6:15pm, at Crossroads!

Walk Worthy,

Troop 316


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