knives, fire, and swimming

Knives…Fire….Swimming… what could possibly go wrong?

The next couple of months are going to be busy for our troop.  This will be the first time that we separate the Fox Patrol (boys that are 5 and 6 years old) from the rest of the boys.  While we plan to test all of the boys’ swimming skills, we will only be working with boys over the age of  eight  on Woodsman and Fireguard  certifications.

Crossroads Christian Camp has areas  roped off for non-swimmers, beginners, and swimmers.  Working with  a certified lifeguard from the camp, the trailmen will be have their swimming competency  tested.   This will allow us to let the boys play in the appropriate areas of  the lake when it is hot.   Please send your boy with swimming trunks and a towel for all of the meetings during the next couple of months.  A trailman must have completed a swimming competency test before they can participate in aquatic activities.

For the Woodsman (pocket knife safety) certification, the boys will learn all of the aspects of working with a pocket knife.  This will include such things as the Safety Circle and taking care of a pocket knife.

Fireguard (camp fire safety) certification shows that a trailman has been trained in all aspects of camp fire safety.  He will be trained in areas such as use matches and extinguishing camp fires.  S’mores are possible for the whole troop.

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