Swimming competency tests

Our meeting yesterday evening was the first of a few opportunities in the next couple months where we got the boys in the water for swim tests!  We had some really brave boys that conquered fears and pushed their limits.

The testing allows us to determine who our non-swimmer, beginners, and swimmers are.  In turn, this will allow us to make sure that the right boys are in the right part of the swimming area when we are cooling off from the heat.

Please make sure that your trailman has a bathing suit and a towel in his pack when he comes to meetings.  Old sneakers or water shoes might be nice for walking around by the water, as well.

Crossroads Christian Camp is lending us one of their lifeguards to conduct the tests, and help the boys out with some basic swim instructions.  The camp also has changing rooms that we will be using.

We hope to see you next Thursday (7/16) at 6:15 pm!

Walk (and swim) Worthy



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