Troop 316 is going camping!

Now hear this!  Now hear this!  Troop 316 is planning a camping trip for it’s trailmen and their dads this July.  That’s right folks, pancakes, hot dogs and s’mors under the stars.  Sleeping in tents.  The great outdoors.  Camping!!

This Father/Son  camp out will begin in the evening on Friday the 24th and run through the afternoon of the 25th.   We will be using the large field at Crossroads Christian Camp.   Worship and Bible studies will be mixed into trailman training and games.  What more is there?

Dads – for us to get a good handle on things (like how many hot dog buns we need) we are asking you to RSVP this event by the troop meeting on the 16th.  In your RSVP, please let us know whether you have a tent (or two) or a camp stove (or two).  Also, we’d like to get all involved dads and boys registered and trained before the day of the campout, so please get those registrations in!!

The very youngest of our boys (the Foxes) will be tenting with their dads.  The two older patrols will be tenting by patrol, with the older boys’ dads enjoying the peace and quiet (ha ha) of their own private tents.  That means if your son is a Rocket Rider (the patrol name for our younger boys, 2nd through 5th grades), he will tent with other Rocket Riders.  If he is a Fearless Phoenix (the patrol name of our middle school-aged boys) will tent with other Fearless Phoenix members.

More details will be posted just as soon as they are available.

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