Times-They Are Changin’

Dear Trail Life Families-

Maybe you noticed that we had to set the clocks back this month.  Maybe like my house, you are just getting around to it. Anyway,  you must have noticed that troop meetings now start in the dark and end in the dark.  To help deal with this, the Troop decided to make a change as well.

Starting Saturday, December 5th and continuing through the winter months, we are going to begin meeting  on Saturdays.  Meeting times will be from 3:30pm till 5:30pm.  We will continue to meet at Crossroads Christian Camp on Chemo Pond.  We believe that this will increase the amount of Christ centered, outdoor fun and adventure that the boys will enjoy.

Since it is hunting season, we would ask that you provide your sons with either hunters’ orange caps, hats, or vests.  Although there is no hunting at the Camp, we feel that this would be in everyone’s best interest.  Safety First!

Walk Worthy


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