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Trail Life meeting reminder


Just a quick reminder (aren’t they all?) that we will not be meeting this Saturday (Jan.30). Our next meeting will be the following Saturday, Feb 6. We will meet (as usual) at Crossroads Christian Camp from 3:30pm until 5:30pm. Look forward to seeing everyone there. Until then,

Walk Worthy


‘Camp-In’ packing list

Hello to our Trailmen and families!

The ‘Camp-In’ is upon us.  This event is for boys and dads – please plan on being there if you can.  We have activities planned for all of us to work together and play together!

If you and/or your boy(s) intend to join us , and you have not yet RSVP’d, please please please get back to us ASAP.  Although the cost is  $5  per person, please don’t let this stop you from coming.  We would like to collect the money on Saturday so that we can reimburse  the church for our food costs.  (Our food supplies will be purchased soon, and we want to have plenty for everyone!).

In the posting last week, I promised a follow-up email with more specific details about what to pack. Here goes:

Packing List: (You and your sons may not need all of the things on this list.   If  you don’t have something, ask around.  If you have to buy  an item, I would suggest that you try Marden’s  or Walmart first.  This should cover everything that you and your son need.)


  • sleeping bag or blankets
  • pillow
  • sleeping pad
  • something to sleep in (top and bottoms, please)


  • complete change of clothes
  • outdoor clothes: hat, gloves, boots, warm socks


  • You don’t have to worry about food – we’ve got you covered
  • If you or your boy has any food allergies, it’d probably be a good idea to mention them to Simon and/or Steve
  • We’ll have plenty to drink, so don’t feel the need to pack bottled water.


  • Bible
  • personal medicines
  • glasses
  • flashlight
  • tooth brush/tooth paste
  • towel
  • pack, duffel bag, or other type of bag to carry your  stuff


  •  No electronics, please.
  • If you don’t bring it, you won’t lose it.
  • There are no showers at the camp.

I hope you and your boys are as excited as we are for this event!

God bless you, and we’ll see you in a few days!

Walk worthy,



Snowstorm!! (meeting cancelled)

Hi all! The roads are pretty treacherous – we’ve decided to cancel today’s meeting (1/16/2016).

Hunker down, play in the snow with your kids, teach them some lessons on proper snow removal. 🙂 We’ll have a post by mid-week with details and packing list for our camp-in NEXT WEEK!! (Hopefully some of this snow sticks around!)

Walk worthy,

Jan 2016 Trailmen’s Lodge ‘Camp-in’

Hello parents!

Isn’t it nice to see all the changes that come with the new year?! The constantly changing weather, the opportunity to fulfill resolutions, and…Trail Life!

We kept it pretty low-key for our last two meetings of 2015, as we were fast approaching the holidays and many of our families were ‘dashing through the snow’ to get to Christmas parties and family gatherings. Now that we’re beyond that season, we’re looking to get the new calendar year off to a great start with our Trail Life program!

We haven’t had a camp out for a few months now, but that’s about to change.  It sure does get cold at night down on Chemo Pond, though – so the Trail Life leaders have arranged to make our next outing a ‘CAMP IN‘ at the Crossroads Main Lodge building. Don’t worry, we’ll still have all the fun of a camping trip – campfire meals, games out on the field, and lots of time for our boys to fellowship and play – but we’re going to be setting up our cots and sleeping gear near the big fireplace where it’s nice and cozy warm.

Here’s some more details for the event:

  • Location: Crossroads Christian Camp (click here for directions)
  • Cost: $5/person (boys and dads)
    (don’t let cost keep you from coming – talk to Steve or Simon if this is an issue)
  • Set up: 5pm Friday, January 22nd (bring an appetite, we’ll be cooking supper over the fire!)
  • Break down: 1pm Saturday, January 23rd (after we finish lunch)

* * * We need to plan for meal sizes, etc. so please RSVP to Simon or Steve by Saturday 1/16. * * *

Also,  this Saturday (1/16) we are doing some refreshers on camping skills (like cooking/cleanup) during our regular meeting – please get your boys to our next meeting on Saturday, January 16th to be a part of the learning experience!


At the ‘Camp In’, our boys will be involved in:

  • cooking (and eating!) meals,
  • learning camping skills,
  • playing winter games (pack your outdoor winter gear!), and
  • Worship & Devotion by the campfire/fireplace

This is a great opportunity for dads to spend some time with their boys (plus, these events tend to be as much fun for the dads, if not more!).  We look forward to seeing everyone over the next couple weeks.

Walk worthy!

meeting cancelled today


Sorry about the late notice. We are cancelling today’s meeting. There is a problem with ice dams on the roof at Crossroads Christian Camp. Rather than risk injury or disaster, we are calling the meeting off. There will be a meeting next week as usual.
Enjoy the time with your sons.

Walk Worthy