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Bald Mountain in the Dark


Here are the details for the hike up Bald Mountain.

First, please ensure that you have a working flashlight or headlamp along with the things that you would usually brings on a hike (see list below).  This hike is going to start in the evening and end in THE DARK.

Second,  bring a bag lunch/dinner to eat on our hike.  This meal may serve as a snack or as dinner-your choice. 🙂

Meeting Time:  We will meet at Dysart’s at 6 pm on Saturday, August 27th.  We should be back at Dysart’s  around 9:30 pm.

Meeting Place:  We are going to meet at the Dysart’s at the intersection of Rt 46 and Rt 1A.    From there, we will decide how many vehicles we are going to take to trail head at Bald Mountain.

Directions to trail head:   From Dysart’s, we will take the Upper Dedham Rd. to Bald Mountain Rd.  Bald Mountain should be easy to find because it’s right off of Bald Mountain Road in Dedham. The trail head, which at first looks more like an access road, is on the left near the junction of Bald Mountain Road and Johnson Road. There is a farm on the right at this junction.  We will follow the wide “trail” or access road to the base of the mountain, ignoring a few smaller trails, and follow the wide ski trail up, following the power lines.

Here are the things that you will need:

  • Bible
  • water
  • any weather appropriate clothing you may need
  • bug spray?
  • a small bag / backpack to carry your supplies in

Walk worthy!


Error Correction


The hike on Bald Mountain will be August 27th NOT August 26th. Sorry about that.

Walk Worthy

Another Cancellation?


I thought I would send this out in a timely manner rather than my usual “night before” style.  The meeting scheduled for August 20 is cancelled.

There will be a post in a few days with  information about our hike (August 26th) to Bald Mountain near Dedham.

Until next time,

Walk Worthy