Final Details for Camp-In

Dear Trailmen Parents-

Here are the final  (read “Simon forgot”) details for this week-end’s Camp-In.

Eating-  Yes, we are going to eat.  This is a bowl, spoon and cup (or mug) camp-in.  Those are the only utensils that are needed for the meals.

Knives – Dads, if you have a pocket knife or two, please bring them with you.  If your son is over 10 years old, he may bring a lock blade knife if the blade is under 4 inches long.  We are going to learn about knives and do some whittling.

Chuck box– If you have a donation to the chuck box, please bring it with you.  This will give us a chance to sort thru them and decide what best suits our needs.

Sleds–  If you have one, feel free to bring it.  There may be some snow left.  If you have a snow shovel, toss it in the car.

Rain- Be prepared (clothing-wise) for it.

See you tomorrow


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