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April Hike – Important Planning Considerations

Dear Trailmen Parents–

As you know, the Troop will be meeting at Eddington Community Church this weekend.  The following weekend (4/8), we will be going on a hike through a section of the Acadia Carriage Trails.

Please take note of a couple very important considerations:

FOOTWEAR:    Please ensure that your Trailmen has the appropriate footwear.  Hiking boots are preferred…or, weather permitting, sneakers might be acceptable.  Snow boots are  not acceptable footwear.

If you are buying your Trailmen new boots to start the hiking season, here are some things to consider when making your purchase:

  • Hiking boots don’t have to be expensive!  Locally, Walmart and Marden’s both have some great options for around $20-$40.
    (They’ll grow out of them in a year, so no sense spending $200!)
  • When you go shoe shopping, have your boy wear the type of socks he will be wearing with the boots.
    (A nice pair of wool socks is a great option.)
  • Don’t go for the steel toe!  Steel-toed boots are for working.  It will just add unnecessary weight when hiking.
  • Make sure that he breaks them in.  (Start with a couple of hours around the house.  Slowly increase the time until he can wear them all day without a problem.)
  • Do your shoe shopping in the evening if possible.  This is when a growing young boy’s feet are the largest.

All these factors will help reduce the chance of blisters.  WE DON”T WANT BLISTERS! 🙂

DISTANCE:   The hike we are planning is called the Day Mountain Loop.  It is about 6.5 miles.  This is the longest hike we have been on to date.  Please consider whether  your son is comfortable and capable of completing a hike of this distance.  Don’t forget that he will be carrying a backpack with:

  • Bible
  • Water
  • Lunch
  • Snack
  • Weather appropriate clothing (extra layer,  hat, mittens/gloves)

If you have any questions, please bring them up at Saturday’s meeting.

Walk Worthy


meeting location change

Dear Trailmen-

the location for this week’s meeting (April 1) has been changed.  No foolin’!!  No really!  The new location is East Eddington Community Church.  The church is located on the left side of Rt. 9 just before the intersection with Rt. 46.

We will meet at the usual time on Saturday.  We will continue our discussion about survival.  We will also talk about the Carriage Trail hike that is coming up on the 8th of April.

Walk worthy



meeting and Hit the Trail changes

Hey there, Trailmen-

The Hit the Trail event that we had planned for this Saturday (3/25) has been pushed back.  This Saturday, we are going to have a regular meeting at the regular time and regular place.  The lesson is going to deal with what to do if you get lost.  Bring things that you think would help you if you were lost.

Currently, we are planning to hike on the Acadia Carriage Trails for the Hit the Trail event.  That is either going to be on Saturday, April the 1st, or Saturday, April the 8th.  More details will be posted in the next few days.

See you at Camp this Saturday.

Moms, please don’t send your men if they are sick!  We don’t want to spread this stuff around.

Walk Worthy

Wreaths Across America Clean-up


This Saturday, we are going to pick up the wreaths that we laid in December for Wreaths Across America.    Listed below is all the information that you will need.  This service project will take the place of our regular meeting.

What:  Wreaths Across America Clean-up

When: This Saturday (March 4) from 3:30 pm until 5:30pm.  We may run over a little if the job is not quite finished

Where:  Holden Veterans Memorial 570 Main Rd. (between Town Office and Holden Elementary School).  This is just before the Bangor/Holden KOA on the left side of the road.


Other:  Please dress appropriately.  The weather is supposed to be cold and windy!

Google map link —

Walk worthy!