Monthly Archives: February 2018

Yes, We Are Meeting Today

Greetings to you all,

First thing first.

We are meeting today(2/17) at Crossroads Christian Camp at the usual time.

Second things second.

Woodlands Trailmen, don’t forget your lanyards.

Woodlands Trailmen will be talking about hobbies so don’t forget examples of your favorite hobby or collections

Until this afternoon,

Walk Worthy


2-10 Meeting Cancellation

Snowy Morning, Trailmen-

Morning one and all. The white stuff (snow) falling from the sky this morning has caused us to cancel the Trail Life meeting scheduled for later today (2-10). Until next week,

Walk Worthy


Woodland Trails reminder

Woodland Trails Trailmen-

Remember to bring your lanyards to the meeting today. We have a new pin for you for the branch you just completed. Congratulations!

See you in just a little bit and until then,

Walk Worthy