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Eaton Brook Camp Out – June 2018

Hello, Trailmen!

Are you excited for camping? Here’s the plan for our trip at Eaton Brook this weekend (6/29-7/1).

Where:                                                                                                                          Eaton Brook Camp Site (The one behind Steve Page’s property. Text/call Steve for more complete directions.)


  • Friday (arrive around 5:30-6:30):
    setup tents/site, dinner, service project discussion/planning, free time/campfire
  •  Saturday Morning:
    Breakfast (boys cooking), cleanup, service project, prep for lunch
  •  Saturday Afternoon/Evening:
    clean up from lunch, trip to the pool at Cold River Campground, head back for supper, then free time after supper
  • Sunday Morning:
    Devotion/Church, Breakfast, site cleanup, head home

What To Bring:
Check the Packing List page here on our blog for the standard packing equipment.

Misc.Packing List Comments:

  • Closed toe shoes are required.
  • Swim shoes, flip flops, or old sneakers are a good idea for getting to and from the pool.
  • If you have a life jacket for your non-swimmer or beginning swimmer, please bring it. The troop will be able to bring few extra in case you don’t have one.
  • Don’t forget your swim suit and towel.
  • Don’t forget your bug spray and sun tan lotion.
  • Pack a long sleeve shirt/long pants in case the sun gets to be too much for you.
  • trailmen/dads can bring fishing poles to use during free time if  they are interested.
  • No electronics, please.
  • If you don’t bring it, you won’t lose it.

The meal plan was decided on by the boys & leaders at last week’s meeting.

The price will include five meals (Fri:D Sat: B/L/D Sun: B), plus admission to the swimming pool. All of this for $15/person.
(Please let Simon/Steve know if you need financial assistance – we want to make sure your trailmen can be a part of the fun!)



Fields Pond Wandering Hike

Good Evening, Trail Life Hikers-

It is time for another hike with your Trail Life friends.  This time we are going to go to Fields Pond Audubon Center and wander their 2 mile trail network.  Details are listed below.  Please note the NOTES.

When: Saturday, May 26

Where: Fields Pond Audubon Center.


Start Time: 9 am at the FIELDS POND AUDUBON CENTER
(be there a couple minutes early, please!)

Finish Time: approximately 12 noon

Packing List:

  • Bible
  • water
  • trail snacks
  • weather appropriate clothing (we suggest bringing a sweat shirt or light jacket)
  • An extra pair of dry socks
  • small bag / backpack for each boy to carry his supplies

Optional Gear:

  • Consider a long  sleeve shirt and long pants to avoid BUG BITES
  • bug spray
  • sun tan lotion
  • hat
  • sunglasses


  • NO electronics or phones for trailmen, please.
  • no flip flops, open toed shoes,  or sandals

Directions: From Wilson Street (in Brewer) turn onto Green Point Road.  Green Point Road is the street next to McDonalds.  Go 0.8 mile. Turn LEFT on Wiswell Road and go 1.5 miles. At Fields Pond Road, turn RIGHT and go 1 mile. Audubon Center is on LEFT.

Link to Fields Pond Audubon Center —

Partridge and Ducktail Ponds Hike

Greetings one and all-  Here is the information that you will need for this week-end’s hike.  Nothing different from most of our hikes EXCEPT you will need to bring a bag lunch.

When: Saturday, April 28th

Where: Partridge and Ducktail Ponds, Amherst, ME.


Start Time: 10 am at the Partridge Pond Trail Head
(be there a couple minutes early, please!)

Finish Time: approximately 2 pm

Packing List:

  • Bible
  • water
  • bag lunch
  • trail snacks
  • weather appropriate clothing (we suggest bringing a sweat shirt or light jacket)
  • An extra pair of dry socks
  • small bag / backpack for each boy to carry his supplies


Go approximately 22 miles from the traffic light at the intersection of Route 9 and State Street in Brewer.
Ducktail Pond Road is on the left 1.5 miles before  the intersection of Route 9 and Route 181 in Amherst.
(8 miles beyond the turn-off for Crossroads Camp.)

amherst111613-1A short distance down Ducktail Pond Road (a gravel road), you will come to a group of three large signs on the right. One of the signs gives the mileage to the different trail heads in Amherst Mountains Community Forest: Partridge Pond Trail head is 1.6 miles; Ducktail Pond trail head and Indian Camp Stream Day Use Area are 2.4 miles; and the Bald Bluff Mountain trail head is 5.9 miles.

We will meet at the PARTRIDGE POND TRAIL HEAD.  There is parking at the trail head.

Looking forward to some fun in the sun with you all.

Link:  This link has more information about the area were we will be hiking:

Bangor Forest Snow Hike! (2018-03-24)

Hey Trailmen-

After much deliberation, your fearless leaders have decided that our hike will be at the Bangor City Forest.   This will be our first hike of 2018. Currently, we are planning on doing the East and West trails which should total approximately 5 miles.  So, here are the details:

When:  Saturday, March 24

Where:  Bangor Forest, Tripp Drive Parking Lot.
Tripp Drive is a left turn off Stillwater Avenue, 1.6 miles north of the junction of Stillwater Avenue and Hogan Road (just before the kennel and concrete factory).

Start Time: 3:30 pm

Finish Time: 5:30 pm

Packing List:

  • Bible
  • water
  • some trail snacks
  • weather appropriate clothing, including a winter hat, gloves, and appropriate footwear
  • small bag / backpack to carry their supplies in
  • A dry pair of shoes, socks and a SMALL towel might be nice for the ride home.

PLEASE NOTE:  The trails are covered with snow and are one person wide in places.  It is likely to be windy and cold, and it may snow.

Adventures await. Plan on joining us.

Let’s Have a Party!

Trailmen – it’s time to bust out of hibernation and Hit the Trail!

This fresh snowfall and a forecast for sunny (forty degrees!) weather this weekend means it is our chance to get our boys out of the house, and back into the habit of attending Trail Life!

Whether its been a month, or a long time since you’ve been to a meeting, we’d like to invite you to join the crew for some good old-fashion winter fun.

The Noddin family is hosting an outdoor sledding party at their home in Dedham this Saturday, 1/20/2018 starting at 1:30pm.
(You can text Doug or Steve for directions to the house.)

Bring your favorite sled(s)!  Bring your warmest snow-gear!  Bring your pet elephant! (No, wait…elephants don’t like sledding.  Better leave them home.)

We’ll have a cooking-fire going, so parents are welcome to send/bring along some hot dogs or snacks for the boys.  We’ll have cocoa enough for everyone.

See you there!


Image result for hot cocoa

Volunteers Needed! Can You Help?

Good morning, Trailmen and Families! Steve here.

Our troop is planning on going to the Living History Days at Leonard’s Mills on Saturday 10/7 (not this weekend, the following…). I’m really excited – we always have a fun time at these events.

I’ve spoken with the Volunteer Coordinator at Leonard’s Mills, and she has an opportunity for us to get in some service hours (and get in to the event at no cost!). They are looking for volunteers to fill 4 hour shifts over the weekend: from 9am to 1pm, and from 1pm-4pm.

She suggested the Candle making area as a good, age-appropriate activity where the boys could volunteer their time (of course, we’ll need a few parents to stick around, too). I’m thinking if we get enough, maybe we could split up one of these shifts with 4-6 boys each helping out for a couple hours. But of course, this depends on everyone’s availability.

Could you please call or text me at some point in the next day to let me know if you can commit to attending? I think the Saturday 1-4 shift would be best for our group, since that’s closest to when we would’ve normally met.

(If you’re interested in going, but that time slot doesn’t fit your family schedule, please still let me know!)

Also, “period appropriate clothing” is not necessary. If you don’t have any attire from the 1790s, please have your boy(s) come in their standard TL uniform (TL Shirt, Jeans, Sneakers/Boots).

Don’t forget to call/text to let me know if you’re available or not – thanks!

Grab Your Helmets, We’re Going To The Fire Department

Evening Trailmen-

Have you had a chance to check out the photos from the Labor Day camp-out?  Pretty cool.

This Saturday’s (9-23) meeting is going to be at the Brewer Fire Department.  That’s right, a tour of the Fire Department!  Another pretty cool thing brought to you by your troop.

When:  Saturday (9-23)

What Time: 3:00 pm.  I think the tour will take about an hour.

Where:  Brewer Fire Department, 151 Parkway South in Brewer.  Need more directions?  Contact Steve.

Cost:  no cost


  • Note the 3:00 pm start time
  • Please wear your Trail Life shirt, long pants, and closed toe shoes
  • You won’t need your packs
  •  This tour will take the place of our regular meeting
  • Our meeting will be over after the tour

See you there.  WALK WORTHY until we meet again!