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Yes, We Are Meeting Today

Greetings to you all,

First thing first.

We are meeting today(2/17) at Crossroads Christian Camp at the usual time.

Second things second.

Woodlands Trailmen, don’t forget your lanyards.

Woodlands Trailmen will be talking about hobbies so don’t forget examples of your favorite hobby or collections

Until this afternoon,

Walk Worthy


2-10 Meeting Cancellation

Snowy Morning, Trailmen-

Morning one and all. The white stuff (snow) falling from the sky this morning has caused us to cancel the Trail Life meeting scheduled for later today (2-10). Until next week,

Walk Worthy


Let’s Have a Party!

Trailmen – it’s time to bust out of hibernation and Hit the Trail!

This fresh snowfall and a forecast for sunny (forty degrees!) weather this weekend means it is our chance to get our boys out of the house, and back into the habit of attending Trail Life!

Whether its been a month, or a long time since you’ve been to a meeting, we’d like to invite you to join the crew for some good old-fashion winter fun.

The Noddin family is hosting an outdoor sledding party at their home in Dedham this Saturday, 1/20/2018 starting at 1:30pm.
(You can text Doug or Steve for directions to the house.)

Bring your favorite sled(s)!  Bring your warmest snow-gear!  Bring your pet elephant! (No, wait…elephants don’t like sledding.  Better leave them home.)

We’ll have a cooking-fire going, so parents are welcome to send/bring along some hot dogs or snacks for the boys.  We’ll have cocoa enough for everyone.

See you there!


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Happy New Year, Trailmen!

Hi all – quick reminder: it is our custom to meet on the 1st – 4th Saturdays of the month. This coming weekend is going to be the 5th Saturday, so we will not be meeting.

I hope you enjoy a “free day” at home, playing with all your new presents, and spending some time frolicking in the snow!

Walk worthy, from 2017 right in to 2018!

Serving One Another

Evening Trailmen-

This Saturday (10-14), we have a chance to serve one of our own Trailmen!  What a blessing!!  We are going to help Kam and his family get their fire wood in for the winter.  So pack your gloves and join us.

Date:  Saturday, October 14

Time:  2:00 pm until 5:30 pm

Place:  The Gray’s house.  42 Getchell Road in Clifton

Directions: Heading toward Crossroads Christian Camp from  East Eddington Community Church,  go past  the Double D horse farm (on the right).   At the Clifton Country Store (on the right), turn left onto Getchell  Road. About a 1/4 mile down the road, on the left, is the house. White ranch house, with black shutters, and a bunch of firewood in the driveway. Park anywhere you can.  Getchell is a dead end road, so there is not a whole lot of traffic. 🙂


  • Dress for the weather
  • Closed toe shoes and long pants are required
  • Bring work gloves if you have them
  • Bring your water bottle
  • Bring a snack if you think you will need one
  • Dads, wheelbarrows and other tools for putting up firewood might come in handy.

Walk Worthy

Volunteers Needed! Can You Help?

Good morning, Trailmen and Families! Steve here.

Our troop is planning on going to the Living History Days at Leonard’s Mills on Saturday 10/7 (not this weekend, the following…). I’m really excited – we always have a fun time at these events.

I’ve spoken with the Volunteer Coordinator at Leonard’s Mills, and she has an opportunity for us to get in some service hours (and get in to the event at no cost!). They are looking for volunteers to fill 4 hour shifts over the weekend: from 9am to 1pm, and from 1pm-4pm.

She suggested the Candle making area as a good, age-appropriate activity where the boys could volunteer their time (of course, we’ll need a few parents to stick around, too). I’m thinking if we get enough, maybe we could split up one of these shifts with 4-6 boys each helping out for a couple hours. But of course, this depends on everyone’s availability.

Could you please call or text me at some point in the next day to let me know if you can commit to attending? I think the Saturday 1-4 shift would be best for our group, since that’s closest to when we would’ve normally met.

(If you’re interested in going, but that time slot doesn’t fit your family schedule, please still let me know!)

Also, “period appropriate clothing” is not necessary. If you don’t have any attire from the 1790s, please have your boy(s) come in their standard TL uniform (TL Shirt, Jeans, Sneakers/Boots).

Don’t forget to call/text to let me know if you’re available or not – thanks!

Men’s Conference

Latest news, Trailmen-

We will not be having a Trail Life meeting on Saturday, Sept. 30. However, there is an event for Dads.  East Eddington CC has invited us to attend their Men’s Conference.

Who:  Dads

Where:  Crossroads Christian Camp

When:  Sept. 30, starting at 8:30 am and running until 3:00 pm

Cost:  There is no cost but bring something for the grill