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Simple Reminder

Hi guys-

Here is another one of those annoying reminders. This week’s (Aug. 12) meeting is on the usual day and at the usual time. We will meet at Crossroads Christian Camp.

Remind the boys to bring their swimsuits and towels.  Hopefully, the weather will be nice enough for swimming.

I Know That You Check The Calendar

Trail Folks-

I know that you check the Troop’s calendar (available on this page) regularly but I don’t feel that I am doing my job unless I send out these little reminders.:)) So, today’s reminder…this week’s (Aug 5) meeting will be held at East Eddington Community Church rather that Crossroad Christian Camp. We will see you at the usual time.

Walk Worthy

Come On In, The Water is Fine

Greetings one and all,

This week’s meeting (June 17th) is going to very similar to last week only with two distinct parts.

First, we are going to try and finish our service project.  As you may recall, we are stacking firewood for the Crossroads Christian Camp.

Second, we are going to conduct our annual swimming competency tests.  The testing allows us to determine who our non-swimmer, beginners, and swimmers are. In turn, this will allow us to make sure that the right boys are in the right part of the swimming area when we are cooling off from the heat.

Here is what you will need to bring.  As a matter of fact, these things  can replace the winter items that you were bringing until summer is over.  We plan on spending quite a bit of time in the water.

  • Bible
  • water
  • a pair of work gloves (if you have them).
  • It’s probably a good idea to wear a pair of jeans
  • bring a long-sleeve shirt with you
  • NO open-toed footwear – like sandals/flip flops!
  • a bathing suit
  • a towel.
  • Old sneakers or water shoes might be nice for walking around by the water, as well.
  • something to carry it all in

Crossroads Christian Camp is lending us one of their lifeguards to conduct the tests and to help the boys out with some basic swim instructions. The camp also has changing rooms for us to use.

Looks like an afternoon of work AND fun.  Hope to see you there.

Walk Worthy

6/10 (today!) meeting plan change! Please read!

Hi all!

Quick note – we ARE meeting at Crossroads today!
(We had been planning on meeting at EECC for this meeting, but that plan got changed.)

We’ve got some work to do, men! Please bring a pair of work gloves – we’ll be stacking firewood at the camp today (so, as always, it’s probably a good idea to wear a pair of jeans, and have a long-sleeve shirt with you …and NO open-toed footwear – like sandals/flipflops!).

It should be a beautiful day out by the lake, so after we’re done with our firewood work, let’s bring some bathing suits and towels, and be ready to jump in the water to cool off!

See you in a few hours, trailmen!

Walk worthy,

Memorial Day Reminder


Simon here. Remember that we are NOT going to meet this Saturday (the 27th) due to the Memorial Day holiday.   Our next meeting will be June the 3rd.

Make a note on your calendars that the meeting will be at the East Eddington Community Church and NOT at the Camp.

Please enjoy the time with your families.  And be safe out there!

Walk Worthy!

National Day of Prayer


The National Day of Prayer is coming up on Thursday of this week (5/4).  Instead of our regular Saturday meeting, we are going to join our Christian brothers and sisters in praying for our nation.  Here is the information you will need to join us.

When: May 4th, 6:30 pm

Where: Eddington Town office, at the flag poles.  The town office/Fire Station is on the left hand side of Rt. 9 before you get to the East Eddington Community Church.  Look for the three large flag poles.

Misc.: In years past it has been very windy and chilly, so wear a coat, hat, and gloves.   The service will last about 3o minutes.  This is an event where it is better to be a little early.

Don’t forget that this will take the place of our regularly scheduled meeting on Saturday, May 6th.

Walk Worthy


Awards Ceremony

Greetings all Trailmen and Families-

Read this and weep…….with joy.   We are finally going to give out the awards that you guys have worked so hard on.   Sorry it has taken us so long.

The Awards Ceremony will take the place of the regular meeting on April 29th.

(please note-we are still on for our regular mtg in two days on April 22!)

Place:  Crossroads Christian Camp

Date:  April 29th

Time: 4pm until 5:30pm
(Ceremony will be ~45-60 minutes, then snacks/fellowship after)

Who is Invited:  Parents, brothers, and sisters

Dress:  Uniform t-shirts and khaki pants (if you have them)

Food:  Please bring a dessert to share.  The Troop will provide drinks (water, coffee, apple juice)

We are proud of you!!!

Walk worthy

Trail Life Awards

Trail Life Awards (credit: TL Troop TX-541,