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National Day of Prayer


The National Day of Prayer is coming up on Thursday of this week (5/4).  Instead of our regular Saturday meeting, we are going to join our Christian brothers and sisters in praying for our nation.  Here is the information you will need to join us.

When: May 4th, 6:30 pm

Where: Eddington Town office, at the flag poles.  The town office/Fire Station is on the left hand side of Rt. 9 before you get to the East Eddington Community Church.  Look for the three large flag poles.

Misc.: In years past it has been very windy and chilly, so wear a coat, hat, and gloves.   The service will last about 3o minutes.  This is an event where it is better to be a little early.

Don’t forget that this will take the place of our regularly scheduled meeting on Saturday, May 6th.

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National Day of Prayer


We are changing this week’s meeting time, date, and place. The change will allow us to participate in the National Day of Prayer to be held in Eddington.

This week’s meeting will be on Thursday, May the 5th at 5:45pm. We will meet at the Eddington Town Office beside the flag poles.

Please wear your uniform shirts.

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National Day of Prayer / 1st Troop Meeting Big Success

On May 7th ten young men met with members of East Eddington Community Church, Calvary Chapel, American Heritage Girls, and members of the public.  They had all come to the Eddington Veterans’ Memorial to celebrate the National Day of Prayer.  After a greeting and opening prayer by Pastor Tracy,  prayers were led by some of the members of the group gathered by the flag pole.  Prayers for our nation, state and region figured prominently.


What made this Day of Prayer different from thousands of others held around the country on the 7th?  Trail Life troop 316 was going to hold their first meeting.  The ten young men, their parents and the troop leaders adjourned to Crossroads Christian Camp on Chemo Pond.  The camp will figure prominently in the life of the troop – offering a meeting place, areas for hikes, camp outs, and many  of the other things that young men need to grow and prosper.


The meeting was a great success! The young men were introduced to the troop leaders, each other, their meeting area, and…a huge field for running, jumping and other youthful exuberance.  While the boys were enjoying themselves on the field, the parents were getting to know Simon Butler (troop master) and  Steve Page (troop chaplain).  After addressing some procedural items, Sam led a closing prayer, and we were adjourned and dismissed with a Trailman’s  handshake.



Getting Started – plans for our first meeting

Greetings one and all —
Thanks once again for making our open house such a success.  We have the potential to have a nice sized troop.  Fifteen boys and counting!!!  To God be the glory.


It seems only appropriate that our first meeting would fall on the National Day of Prayer.  That being the case, we thought that it would be appropriate to join the East Eddington Community Church for this event.  The church is planning on meeting at the Eddington Town Office at 6pm onMay the 7th.  The town office is on the route 9 between Brewer and the church.  You can’t miss it (ha ha).  Big flag pole and the Eddington war memorial.


After our time of prayer, we plan to go to the Crossroads Christian Camp and begin registering your sons.  The registration fee is $26 per boy for the year. Ideally, this needs to be paid with either a credit card or a debit card.


Attached is a copy of the medical information form that Trail Life USA requires (click the link below).  If possible, please bring a completed copy of the form with you when you come to registration.


After registration,  you are welcome to stay at the camp for a time of fellowship but we will end our meeting as close to 8 pm as possible.  Hopefully, this will start us on a workable meeting schedule:  starting the troop meeting at 6:15 pm and ending at 8 pm.


Feel free to e-mail me with any questions that you might have about registration.


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