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Serving One Another

Evening Trailmen-

This Saturday (10-14), we have a chance to serve one of our own Trailmen!  What a blessing!!  We are going to help Kam and his family get their fire wood in for the winter.  So pack your gloves and join us.

Date:  Saturday, October 14

Time:  2:00 pm until 5:30 pm

Place:  The Gray’s house.  42 Getchell Road in Clifton

Directions: Heading toward Crossroads Christian Camp from  East Eddington Community Church,  go past  the Double D horse farm (on the right).   At the Clifton Country Store (on the right), turn left onto Getchell  Road. About a 1/4 mile down the road, on the left, is the house. White ranch house, with black shutters, and a bunch of firewood in the driveway. Park anywhere you can.  Getchell is a dead end road, so there is not a whole lot of traffic. 🙂


  • Dress for the weather
  • Closed toe shoes and long pants are required
  • Bring work gloves if you have them
  • Bring your water bottle
  • Bring a snack if you think you will need one
  • Dads, wheelbarrows and other tools for putting up firewood might come in handy.

Walk Worthy


Come On In, The Water is Fine

Greetings one and all,

This week’s meeting (June 17th) is going to very similar to last week only with two distinct parts.

First, we are going to try and finish our service project.  As you may recall, we are stacking firewood for the Crossroads Christian Camp.

Second, we are going to conduct our annual swimming competency tests.  The testing allows us to determine who our non-swimmer, beginners, and swimmers are. In turn, this will allow us to make sure that the right boys are in the right part of the swimming area when we are cooling off from the heat.

Here is what you will need to bring.  As a matter of fact, these things  can replace the winter items that you were bringing until summer is over.  We plan on spending quite a bit of time in the water.

  • Bible
  • water
  • a pair of work gloves (if you have them).
  • It’s probably a good idea to wear a pair of jeans
  • bring a long-sleeve shirt with you
  • NO open-toed footwear – like sandals/flip flops!
  • a bathing suit
  • a towel.
  • Old sneakers or water shoes might be nice for walking around by the water, as well.
  • something to carry it all in

Crossroads Christian Camp is lending us one of their lifeguards to conduct the tests and to help the boys out with some basic swim instructions. The camp also has changing rooms for us to use.

Looks like an afternoon of work AND fun.  Hope to see you there.

Walk Worthy

Wreaths Across America Clean-up


This Saturday, we are going to pick up the wreaths that we laid in December for Wreaths Across America.    Listed below is all the information that you will need.  This service project will take the place of our regular meeting.

What:  Wreaths Across America Clean-up

When: This Saturday (March 4) from 3:30 pm until 5:30pm.  We may run over a little if the job is not quite finished

Where:  Holden Veterans Memorial 570 Main Rd. (between Town Office and Holden Elementary School).  This is just before the Bangor/Holden KOA on the left side of the road.


Other:  Please dress appropriately.  The weather is supposed to be cold and windy!

Google map link —

Walk worthy!

Tomorrow’s Meeting LOCATION has CHANGED

Greetings, one and all-

Tomorrow’s meeting (Jan. 14)  has not been changed except in a small way.

The location has changed.  We will meet at the East Eddington Community Church.  The church is on the left side of  Rt. 9, just before the junction with Rt 46.   The entrance  has an awning and is located next to the parking lot.

The time is still the same.

As a service to the church, we are going to paint some trim in the downstairs area.  Please DRESS TO PAINT.   If, however, you have a Trail Life shirt, please bring it with you.

The rest of our meeting will also be at the church.

See, just a small change.

Walk Worthy

Memorial Day Service Project


Memorial Day week-end is coming up. Guess what that means!  Bar-b-ques? Yep.   First day of summer? You got it.   A day off? You know it.

If you are a member of Trail Life Troop 316, however, it means something even more important. This week-end, we will join  American Heritage  Troop 316 and show our respect for Eddington’s fallen veterans.  The two Troops are going to work together and place American flags at the five Eddington cemeteries.

But, wait, there’s more. After the flag placement, the Troop is going to the Cole Land Transportation Museum. You guys know Cole’s, right? Home of cars, trucks, fire engines, and cool military stuff.

Meeting Date:  May 28

Meeting Place:  East Eddington Community Church

Meeting Time:  9:00 am

Finish Time: 5:30 pm

Cost:  Admission cost for Cole Land Transportation Museum is $7 for  adults.   The boys will get in for free.

Here are the things that you and your son will need:

  • Bible
  • brown bag lunch
  • water
  • bug spray
  • work gloves
  • some trail snacks
  • weather appropriate clothing
  • a small bag / backpack to carry your supplies in

Talk about a full day!  What a great way to start your summer.  A project to honor our fallen heroes and a chance to visit one of the coolest museums in the area.  Come and join us.

Walk Worthy

Meeting/work day

Greeting Trailmen-

With the weather remaining so nice, we decided that the Troop would clean up around the Craft Building and the training campsite.  Both of the areas are in need of a good raking and general clean up. The time spent will count as service hours as well as benefit the Troop.

Dads, if you have them, please provide your sons with rakes and work gloves.  If you are going to join us, we could also use loppers,  bow saws, and a couple of shovels for the adults to use.

Please remember that our new meeting times are 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm.  Also for safety sake, we are asking that everyone wear some form of hunters’ orange.


Walk Worthy

Flags and Hotdogs

Just blew in.  Ha Ha.  A joke for those in the know.  So, to let everyone in on the joke…..

May 23rd was one WINDY and chilly day for putting out the flags that marked the graves of Eddington’s veterans.  Sixteen members  of American Heritage Girls and Trail Life met at the East Eddington Community Church to get their instructions.  Promptly at 9:15, two groups of troop members and their parents set out to place flag holders and flags at the grave sites of Eddington’s veterans.

The first group was led by Susan Shane.  Mrs. Shane and her husband have faithfully set out the flags in years past and she had volunteered to help the troops make the transition to flag “puter outers”.    Mrs Shane led her group to Pine Tree Cemetery and Settlers’ Cemetery.  These  troops received a history lesson as they worked to replace and place 27 flags.  The names of the  veterans and the dates of their deaths were recorded.  The grave site locations where also checked against the Town’s Cemetery maps.

The second group of troop members and parents tackled Riverside/Blackman  Cemetery first.  This team replaced 32 flags and also made a list of the veterans’ names and dates of their deaths.  The Town Cemetery map was checked and updated.  The team removed three bags of trash and one old tire.  Next they moved  to Jonathan Eddy Cemetery, replacing 13 flags and taking care of making the veteran list.   After all that work, a break was called for.

Returning to the church, the teams warmed up and undertook the job of devouring the lunch the church had provided.  Quite a lunch– steamed hot dogs, cookies, popcorn, watermelon and juice.  The treat, ice cream sandwiches, was soon discovered and finished off.  Yours truly enjoyed all of the refreshments including four hotdogs.  Yum!!!

A smaller, and fuller,  group left to tackle Meadow Brook Cemetery.  The troops worked hard at this cemetery as well.  Thirty-one flags were placed.  The map was updated and a list was created also.

In summary,  sixteen youth representing American Heritage Girls and Trail Life (with their parents) visited five local cemeteries on one VERY GUSTY day and placed one hundred and one flag holders and flags at Eddington’s  veterans’ grave sites. They also enjoyed a great lunch.  All in only four hours.  Talk about keeping their shoulders to the wheel.

To help answer future  trivia questions, the oldest veteran’s grave that we found was that of William Cumins (Meadow Brook).  Mr. Cumins died on February 5, 1824.  There is one grave site for a sailor buried at sea and one grave site for a lady veteran.

A Special Thanks to Susan Shane for her help!!!