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Getting It Right

Trail Lifers-

Eventually, I will get the whole posting thing right.   Apparently it looks different, when I preview my work, than the post you receive.

If you click on “TrailLifeME-0316” at the bottom of any post you get from us, it will take you to our homepage.  The link to the calendar is at the top of the homepage

Again, sorry about that.

Walk Worthy


Troop Calendar and Summer Plans!

Hi all!  We’ve been mentioning this for a number of weeks, and we finally have the troop calendar published here on our troop website!

There is now a link on the top menu for the site, but you can also get there by clicking this link:

Hopefully you can take a look at this, and take into consideration the dates in June, July, and August as you map out your family’s summer plans!

Walk Worthy!