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Meeting Location Change

Dear Trail Lifers-

A reminder that tomorrow’s (6-23) meeting location has been changed.  We will be meeting at the East Eddington Community Church instead of Crossroads Christian Camp.  The church is located on Rt 9 just before the intersection with Rt. 46  The time will be the same as usual.

Walk Worthy


OOPS! Address Correction

Hi all! I’m sorry, I gave the wrong address in the previous email.
We will meet for the food drive at:

Brewer Food Pantry
222 North Main Street
Brewer, ME

Sorry for the confusion!

UPDATE: Trail Life Meeting Time/Location Change!

Good day, Trailmen and families:

I believe we discussed this with all the parents who have attended a meeting in the past couple weeks, but here is the official announcement:

In lieu of a meeting tomorrow, we will be volunteering our time to to the “Stamp Out Hunger” food drive.  The boys (and parents) will be helping sort out donations that have already been collected by the mail carriers.

We will meet at the Brewer Food Pantry (222 North Main Street in Brewer) a few minutes before 1pm on Saturday, 5/12/18 (that’s tomorrow – sorry for the short notice!).


  • There will be NO meeting tomorrow morning
  • Meet at Brewer Food Pantry a few minutes before 1:00 pm
  • See you tomorrow!

Walk Worthy!

Big news! Time Change!

Hi Trailmen-

This is your reminder/update concerning the change in meeting times we’ve been mentioning at the past couple meetings.

Starting next Saturday, April 7, our meeting time will be changing to 9:30 am until 11:00 am on Saturdays. We are making this change to allow families uninterrupted afternoons on Saturdays. We are hoping this will be a blessing for all families.

Please remember that we will not be meeting today, March 31st. (5th Saturday – enjoy the day off!)

Enjoy your Resurrection Sunday!

Meeting cancelation – March 10, 2018

Dear Trailmen and families:

Unfortunately, we need to cancel the meeting today (Saturday, March 10, 2018).

Simon/Doug are on the road with other commitments, and Steve woke up sick this morning – he doesn’t want to share those germs with everyone.

We’ll plan on regrouping next Saturday.

Walk worthy!

Woodland Trails reminder

Woodland Trails Trailmen-

Remember to bring your lanyards to the meeting today. We have a new pin for you for the branch you just completed. Congratulations!

See you in just a little bit and until then,

Walk Worthy


Greetings, Trailpeople-

Here it is Saturday!!! So this will be a quick reminder. We are having our regular Trail Life meeting at Crossroads Christian Camp today. The meeting will start at 3:30pm (as usual) and will end at 5:30pm (as usual).

Please stay tuned for more updates coming soon to this page. Until then,

Walk Worthy